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"He sings on his trumpet like nobody else."                                                                                                                

Jens Lindemann

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Floris Onstwedder

... won prizes at international competitions, toured as young talent with great success through Europe, China, Canada and the USA and he’s followed by the most renown trumpeters in all regions. Floris Onstwedder is a world-class rising trumpet star.

Wynton Marsalis recognized Floris' musical abilities about 20 years ago : "You can play, little brother". Nothing could stop the young enthusiastic trumpet player from traveling the world at an early age with the trumpet under his arm. 

Floris, born in 1992, grew up in a musical family where on his 4th birthday he laid hands on his first trumpet: a Selmer piccolo trumpet coming from the collection of his grandfather. Today, playing Bach’s virtuosic Cantatas and Oratorios on such an instrument are still among his favourites. "The beauty of these works is timeless, I can't imagine one would deny the bliss of this piece of music" Floris once said during a radio broadcast after playing a cantata by J.S.Bach.

By now, Onstwedder is a celebrated young musician and is internationally acclaimed for his phenomenal technique, romantic interpretations and musicality. 

Floris masters the full trumpet repertoire.  He performed several times for the Dutch Royal Family, was starring during primetime performances with international superstars such as Daniëlle de Niese, Ray Chen and Albrecht Mayer, played as soloist in the great hall of the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and pleased the critics with his rendition of Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in Los Angeles. And the list goes on. Like trumpet virtuoso Jens Lindemann said: "Keep an eye on this guy".

After successful completion of Bachelor and Master studies in Amsterdam, Maastricht and Zürich under guidence of Frits Damrow, Theo Wolters and Wim van Hasselt Floris enthusiastically contributes to the classical music scene worldwide. According to Onstwedder “experiencing the power of music, preservation of culture and art are crucial for harmony, tolerance, mutual respect and connecting people in these times of bustle and hectic life". 

Floris’ ambition to share this musical happiness with the world is of paramount importance to him and with an unconditional love for his profession  he continues his journey.

“Share, inspire and treasure - but also and above all, enjoy the fantastic music!”

CV Floris Onstwedder:

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